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The Revolutionist

Outdoor family photos

Congratulations Mumma! You’re doing an excellent job at parenting.

Because it’s freaking hard right?

No one warns you about these little sawn-off savages, who you love more than life itself, but can make you crazy before you’re even out of bed.

You parent with a passion, free from rules and guidelines and do what works for you and the kids on a daily basis.

You understand that, although your strategies are unconventional, the kids are happy and it works for you.

And that’s all that matters. You keep on doing you Mumma!

Meet Your Photographer


Hi, I’m Karen and a family portrait photographer.  I specialise in creating stunning photography of your family that you are proud to hang in your home.

I invite you to celebrate who your family are NOW and come and have a fun photography experience with me.  I would love to connect with you.

Karen x

Testimonial Photo

What Our Clients Say


We have had the pleasure of getting to know Karen in two sessions. I genuinely don’t know how you were able to capture such incredible images with an energetic 3 year old and a wriggly baby but you did it so effortlessly.

Karen x