Baby Photography Melbourne

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Baby photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne
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Capture your bouncy, beautiful baby in a portrait with a Baby Photography Melbourne session.

Anyone who’s had a baby knows that from the moment they arrive, your entire world revolves around them. You are with them for almost 24 hours a day. Yet, they grow and change so darn fast that if you blink you might miss something… How does that happen?

One minute they’re brand new, wrinkly, almost too precious to hold newborn, and the next, they are robust, bouncy bundles of joy grabbing for your coffee, rolling around the room, and pulling themselves up by the furniture. Fun times am I right?!

Don’t let the transition of your baby from newborn to toddler pass without capturing all the precious moments in between. The sweet expressions. The chubby cheeks. Developing confidence and an ever-growing personality.

Capture all the milestones of your bouncy baby, while they are still a bouncy baby, with a specialised baby photography Melbourne session.

baby photography Melbourne
baby photography Melbourne

Capture Their Emerging Personalities as They Evolve

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Baby photographs take you back in time. They draw out past emotions and provide visual prompts for stories to be shared and passed down from generation to generation.

Twelve months in the grand scheme of things is not a long time really. A blink of an eye, a flash in the pan, a nanosecond in the history of the universe. But in the life of a baby, twelve months is a big freaking deal!

It’s time when babies do a lot of growing, learn a lot of new things and start to show off their little (and sometimes not so little) personalities. Yep, It’s a big year for your bubba that’s for sure!

And, while we make sure to photograph and celebrate our babies during the newborn stage, we can often overlook and miss capturing and celebrating the important milestones that take place in their first year… Rolling over, holding their head up, sitting up for the first time. These are big events people! Baby photography Melbourne is here to help.

Even watching a new baby discover their own body is worth capturing. Tasting their toes, hypnotising themselves with their own hands, and let’s not forget those adorable facial expressions. If there weren’t so many baby singlets to fold or pureed meals to make, sitting and watching baby facial expressions would keep every parent in a trance all day!

But don’t be distracted by those adorable belly laughs or dribbly gurgles (okay, be distracted for a little while) to forget that time is ticking. And fast!

While you’re marveling at how amazing your baby is and how quickly they are changing, time is moving on. Soon the rolling over and baby babble will be replaced with crawling, walking, and a three-year-old attitude!

The precious first twelve months will be gone and gone forever.

Unless, of course, you capture the moments and milestones while you can. While they are still fresh and new. While your baby is still a baby.

Think of the images you take of your baby during their first year of life as an investment in the future. Your child’s future.  Again baby photography Melbourne is here to help.

When they are 21 and you’re putting together a photo wall, you’ll be thankful for these photos. When your babies start having babies of their own, and you wonder who your new grandchild looks like the most, you’ll be thankful to be able to pull out the baby photos and compare.

Honour the first year of your baby’s life with gorgeous professional baby photography Melbourne. You and your child will look back from the future and be glad you did.

Why Choose Kapture Photography To Capture Your Baby Images

Hey there, Karen Barber here owner of Kapture Photography. I specialise in professional baby photography Melbourne. I love taking photos and I am passionate about taking stunning portraits of newborns, babies, expectant mums, and families.

Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I am the expert when it comes to capturing you and those you love in the most glorious way. I am also highly trained and experienced in handling, posing, and positioning your precious bundles of joy.

With over 10 years’ experience capturing newborns and baby photography in Melbourne, you can breathe easy knowing that your bubs will look gorgeous in their photos and be in the safest of hands throughout our time together.

I’d love to welcome you and your family to join me in the Kapture Photography studio here in Rowville, Melbourne for your own baby photoshoot. Our studio has been designed for comfort and easy access, catering perfectly to expectant mothers, new and growing babies as well as busy families.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience as I watch your baby show off their newly acquired skills and developing personality, capturing adorable images as we go. During the shoot, you’ll also have time to browse through our product library of albums, prints, and canvases to see first-hand what your finished products will look like.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family and it would be my pleasure to capture your precious baby moments in stunning and timeless photographs.

KAREN BARBER family newborn photographer

What’s Involved with a Baby Photography Melbourne Session

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baby photography melbourne
baby photography melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne

To sum up a baby photography Melbourne session in one word, it would be FUN!!

The Kapture Photography style is to capture gorgeous images of your baby in a natural, elegant, and organic way. And before you ask, yes, tiny serious faces and little pouts are elegant too!

As a baby photography Melbourne expert, I have a wealth of experience working with babies, capturing little personalities, and making the whole experience a joy for everyone.

Our baby photography Melbourne sessions are often focused on the following three main milestones (but if you had something else in mind, that’s perfectly fine too):

Tummy Time / 100 Days of Baby* / 3 Month Milestone Sessions

These sessions take place during the first 3 to 5 months of age. The glorious age where your bub holds their head up on their own works on rolling over and begin to take more interest in what is going on around them.

At this stage, babies love to play and interact, are smiling a lot, and are starting to express what they like and don’t like. During this time, babies can also be a little wobbly and can become a little frustrated (as you’ve experienced no doubt) as they work to perfect their new skills, so expert handling and a special understanding of this age are required.

We make sure your baby is supported at all times and will often take shots from above during these sessions while bubs are lying down or enjoying tummy time.

*100 Days of Baby is also known as a 100 Days Photo Session – A cultural celebration of baby’s first 100 days celebrated with a photo session.

Little Big Sitter Sessions

“Look mum, no hands!” Little Big Sitter photo sessions are ideal for babies between 4 and 10 months of age who are able to sit unassisted or are even starting to crawl.

At this age, babies are often cheeky, playful, and full of personality. It’s one of my favourite ages as we are able to capture lots of gorgeous wide-eye shots, full face giggles, and ‘I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I also know I’m adorable enough to get away with it’ expressions.

First Birthday / Cake Smash

Baby photography Melbourne is not complete without a first birthday/cake smash photoshoot, and boy, these sessions are the best fun!!

For more info, please visit our Cake Smash Info page for more details.

All our baby photography Melbourne sessions are approximately one hour long and we create numerous setups during this time (usually 3 to 4) using props and accessories we have available in the studio. If you have a favourite toy or accessory you want to include in the shoot, by all means, bring it along.

Sessions can be booked in advance when the baby is born so you don’t miss any milestones or close to the time of your choosing. And the whole family is welcome to be involved in the sessions as well.

More information about the Kapture Photography experience can be found here or check us out on Facebook.

We Have Tailored Baby Photography melbourne Sessions to Meet Your Needs

Our baby photography Melbourne sessions are customisable and can be tailored to your baby’s requirements. As a guide, we generally include the following:

1 x pre-session phone consultation to go through your booking, what to expect, what to bring, and tips to make the time go smoothly
1 x personalised baby photography Melbourne session where your bouncy bundle will be gently and safely positioned and photographed in the most glorious way possible
Professional editing of your images so they are as perfect as they can be
1 x private viewing in our cinema studio to view and select your favourite images and confirm your chosen products.

We have an extensive array of products available to cater to every taste, lifestyle, and budget. From digital images right through to wall art and albums, you will be able to find the perfect product to proudly display your baby’s images.

For more product information, head over to our products page for an overview of products available.

Baby photography Melbourne

Your Investment in a Baby Photography Melbourne Session

Baby photography Melbourne

 $130 Midweek

$200 Saturday

Our session fees cover the photographer’s time both in the studio and behind the scenes editing your images.

Session fees are payable at the time of booking your session. We accept direct deposit or credit cards.

Baby Photography Melbourne Prints and Products: All prints and products are priced separately which will be discussed during your private viewing. Prices start from $250. As a general guide, most clients invest between $1000 to $3000 for stunning products.

Payment plans are available for large orders.

Capture your Babies 12 Month Milestones in Stunning Imagery

Capture the fresh, fun, cheek squeezing goodness of your baby in gloriously stunning, timeless images.

Book your Baby photography Melbourne session today.

Call (03) 9763 2795 or

Lovely Words

family Photos
Once Again, Karen has outdone herself on a rainy day with a cranky 2 year old.. All without missing a beat. Huge thank you’s and recommendations!! Next Wednesday can’t come quick enough!!
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Karen is amazing and so patient. AND she takes the most beautiful photos. She will not disappoint! Thank you so much. We love our photos and are complemented by them all the time
Testimonial Danielle
Our experience has been wonderful, Karen is very accommodating and has such a knack with new borns. Our photos are beyond stunning.
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We have had the pleasure of getting to know Karen in two sessions. I genuinely don’t know how you were able to capture such incredible images with an energetic 3 year old and a wriggly baby but you did it so effortlessly.


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