26 UNIQUE Baby Shower Cake Melbourne Ideas

Baby Shower Cake MelbourneIt’s your baby shower “omg where do I start” you say or you have to organise one for your amazing sister or friend. Well here are 26 unique Baby Shower Cake Melbourne ideas to get you started.
Whether you’re after something pretty, neutral, or theme based our collection of baby shower cake ideas will help make those decisions a little easier for all.

1. The Naked Cake – Baby Shower Cake Melbourne

The naked cake option is a great place to start, it looks amazing but its easy on the icing. You can keep it simple with just a cake topper on top or add some greenery from the garden for that more natural vibe. You can even put it on a rustic cake stand for that added rustic feel or simply go white for a more simplified version. Will suit a boy or a girl or neutral gender.

2. Go Floral!

A stunning cake, add some plain white icing and some beautiful flowers and wow

3. Teddies OH MY!

This teddy bear cake could have a neutral theme maybe some of the bears have a bow tie and some have the bow if you don’t know the sex of the baby.

4. The Nappy Cake – Baby Shower Cake Melbourne

The nappy cake has been around for a while now but always a good option and pretty handy to. You cover the cake all the while getting a great gift at the same time. Definitely one to consider when looking for the perfect Baby Shower Cake Melbourne.

5. I love you to the MOON!

Moon and star cakes are so pretty and go with a lot of nursery themes these days. The colour pallet of gold and white is always popular and never dates really.

6. Elephant Cake Topper – Baby Shower Cake Melbourne

Who doesn’t love an animal cake especially an elephant. It’s a popular first teddy bear purchase for first time parents so why not add it in the cake theme.

7. Love me some OMBRE!

Know your having a girl? Well it makes it easier to plan and you can add some typical pink into the design. Add in some different shades of pink in the cake layers and take it to the next level.

8. Gender Neutral

You don’t know the sex of the baby? Well make it into a gender neutral cake by having both pink and blue. Or use it for a gender reveal.

9. Flying Teddy!

How cute is the hot air balloon cake with teddy bears inside.

10. Simple Sprinkles

Blue or pink hearts, I wonder what it will be. Cute cake with sprinkles of each colour.

11. The Classic Stalk

The baby being delivered by stalk has been around for a long time. I love the idea of using it as the cake decoration for your Baby Shower Cake Melbourne.

12. The Jungle Safari

Lets have a safari cake. Could even make the cake a marble cake to go with the safari theme. Kids love animals and would be cute if you do have some wonderful photos to look back on.

13. Baby Bits & Bobs

Little baby clothes on a clothesline, so adorable.

14. 100s and 1000s of CUTENESS

Its like a giant sprinkle and who doesn’t love them, said no body ever.

15. Lolly Pops anyone?

Wow such a giant cake idea. The rainbow is so popular for a boy or a girl. There is a lot going on here but makes a massive statement.

16. Cupcake Rattles! OMG.

Why not go cupcakes instead of a cake. Baby rattle cupcakes what a great idea.

17. Little Tooshie – Baby Shower Cake Melbourne

Who doesn’t love baby feet, those squishy little toes. I just want to touch them its so realistic.

18. Sleepy Slumber

Baby sleeping Baby Shower Cake Melbourne idea, Absolute perfection! Lots of attention paid to all the details right down to the blanket underneath. Could look cute with a boy and a girl on top if you don’t know the gender.

19. Unicorn Topper

Love the unicorn, would be great for a girl themed baby shower but not your typical pink. The touch of green is stunning and then topped off with the sprinkles its just beautiful and looks so yummy.

20. Under the Sea

Who’s a under the sea fan. Very niche, must love water or maybe have a background in work or life but great idea for a Baby Shower Cake Melbourne.

21. Pastry Puff Croquembouche

How do they get this to stay together was my first thought. This looks stunning and all kinds of yummy goodness. Its gender neutral so could be just a great celebration cake for any reason.

22. ALL the Donuts!

OH yum yum who doesn’t love a donut. Great idea if your not a fan of cake and you want individual serves without having to dirty a knife.

23. Pretty Carousel

Isn’t the carousel idea every child’s love. We all loved it when going to luna park or the zoo as kids. The detail in this cake is exceptional and what a wow factor of a cake. You would have people talking for a long to come. Do you want your cake to stand out?

24. A ray of Sunshine

This one just screams pretty and all things sunshine. Add in the flowers and you have pure joy right there. Its just such a happy Baby Shower Cake Melbourne.

25. Lovely Lavendar

Oh I love purple myself so am a bit partial to this one and I love the different cake layers of different shades. Its a different take on the naked cake idea with literally no icing. The 2 sticks make it totally unique.


OMG how cute is this cake and these little bees. This kind of theme is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know the gender of there baby yet or would prefer to keep it PC. This cake can be paired with matching cupcakes and other delicious desserts to create a baby theme as sweet as honey.
Can you imagine the time and patience to create each of those little bees and how yummy they would taste.

SO there you have it, you now have 26 unique Baby Shower Cake Melbourne ideas to choose your beautiful delicious cake to inspire your baby shower celebrations. Whether you’re having a boy or a girl or waiting to find out your gender there will be a cake out there for you. For more inspiration check out Pinterest.

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