Newborn Photography and choosing the Newborn Photographer who is right for you.

Drumrolls…. fanfare…congratulations, your newborn is here! Time for those special lights, camera clicks and adorable baby photos! And no, selfies won’t do. What you need is none other than a professional newborn photographer.

“Great. That’s easy. All I need to do is Google ‘Newborn Photographer’ or search social media. Right?”

Wrong. There are some factors to consider before choosing a newborn photographer from the many in the market. In order not to be overwhelmed during the search, here are some tips to guide you as you hunt for a newborn photographer for your baby photos thats right for YOU!.

Newborn photographer

1. Referrals From Trusted Friends And Online Reviews

This is the starting point. Ask friends and family for their own baby photos. Which ones do you like? There’s a chance that if they liked the experience and the photos of the newborn photographer they hired and you also like what you see, then the photographer is really good.

Just getting your friends’ opinions isn’t enough, though. The newborn photography expert they recommend should have a website. You will do well to cruise through their website and read reviews from other parents who hired him/her.

It is advisable to start this research while you’re still pregnant, so that you have plenty of time to comb thoroughly before making bookings.

2. Choice Of Style And Specialty

Newborn photography comes in 3 styles, namely:
With the Posed style of newborn photography, a lot of things are needed to create the perfect pose. Such things include editing, location, composite imagery, amount of props, and image quality. With the Documentary style of newborn photography, no posing or directions are needed. And with the Lifestyle style newborn photography, a little bit of direction is needed. Both Documentary and Lifestyle capture candid family moments.

Every photographer has a preferred style, and so should you. Maybe you like one particular style or a creative mix of two. As such, you should only go for a professional baby photographer who can work with your preferred style.

3. Newborn Photographer Portfolio

This is an important step in helping you choose the photographer to take your baby photos. Every newborn photography professional should have a portfolio of past work done.

You need to request to see their portfolio which should comprise of physical print, tangible frames of baby photos. Look for consistency in style and diversity of faces and families. This will help you in deciding what exactly you want the final baby photos from the newborn photography session to look like.

4. Newborn Photographer Experience And Safety

Not every photographer is a newborn photography professional, and not every “newborn photography professional” is actually a professional.

Below are a number of questions that you need to ask the photographer
Is their business a licensed business and does the business have Public Liability Insurance?
Are they trained in handling newborn babies?
Do they attend seminars and workshops to perfect their craft?
How long have they been in the newborn photography profession? Be aware, there are a lot of people who say they are photographers but aren’t. So check that they are a real business? is it a hobby, a part time thing, or a full time job?
Do they have a working with children check?
Are they up to date with their whooping cough vaccination?


“So how much is it going to cost me?!” I hear you ask!  Ever heard of the saying “you get what you pay for”?  Choosing and trusting the right photographer is no different.  Whilst price will be a factor, it shouldn’t be the first OR final thing to consider when making such an important decision.
Professional photography is a luxury item – just like that beautiful holiday – it is a want, not a need.  Having a baby can be expensive and people’s finances will vary, but consider this – how much did you pay for that last holiday?– how long will they last?  Photos last more than a lifetime.

As a guide you can expect to invest anywhere between $800-$3000+ for your artwork.  Most newborn photographers will also charge a separate ‘session fee’ for their time spent on the day of your photo shoot – anywhere from $130-$200. Of course there is a photographer to suit all budgets – but remember, you get what you pay for – and you will never get those early days back to redo a session if you are not happy with your photos.
So please, take the time to research and taking all the above into consideration, choose a photographer who is right for YOU.

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I hope this article has been helpful and that you are one step closer to choosing the perfect photographer for you.

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