How Family Photos Make a House a Home

Family Photos

A house is just a house until you make it your home. We’ve all been in a house that feels like a museum, with no clutter or knickknacks, featuring perfectly framed, gallery pictures and paintings on the wall. While these houses are beautiful, they don’t exactly feel like home. Houses that feature family photos, whether taken by parents or professional portrait photography, make your house your home for several reasons. Here are the top reasons it’s important to display your family photos.

Surrounded by Memories

When you have pictures up on the walls of your loved ones, you’re surrounded by that love. Being able to glance at your children’s portraits, or your parent’s wedding day provides a visual that you are part of something larger than yourself, and that you are loved and needed. Sometimes we forget the importance of family and being able to take a moment and remember the wonderful memories you have can make your mood, attitude, and day that much better.

When it comes to kids, studies have shown that children brought up in a home that displays family photos developed better self-confidence than those who didn’t. These kids are able to see their families and know where they belong in the world. They feel more secure in their value to their family and know where they come from. Overall, the benefits kids have from growing up with family photos is all the justification a parent needs to hang them.

More than Digital Images

It’s great to snap a photo and instantly be able to share it with friends and family both near and far. This ability may be the greatest contribution technology has made to families, it has its place in the scheme of things. But unless you’re going to pull out your phone and tablet every time you want to show off your favourite pictures, you need a physical printed family photos. If you ask someone what they would run into a burning house to save, the most common answer is their family photos and albums. These are your family’s stories and they need to be displayed in your home so you and your friends and guests can enjoy them.

Family Portrait Photography

As your family grows and changes, it’s important to document milestones. Family photos used to be very posed and formal, but today’s photographers are taking a new approach, capturing families doing the things they love to do. Modern family sessions result in more natural photographs, that capture what the members of your family really look like. Instead of the stiff poses and fake smiles in traditional photos, these images are what you’ll want to hang on your walls. Pictures of loving smiles, happy laughter, and capturing the crazy-ness of your kids leaping and jumping or even dancing around the room with wild abandment.  What better way to display your family photos with who they truly are.

Kapture Photography, a family photographer in Melbourne, knows how important professional family photos are to your family and your home. We specialise in family portrait photography and love to capture parent, grandparents, children, and best friends doing activities they love to do. Our professional photographs will make the perfect addition to your house and help you create the loving home you want for your family. Contact us today to learn more about capturing the moments you’ll want to remember forever.

Bottle up those family memories while you can! They’ll be gone before you know it!

No one knows what the future holds. Unexpected events happen, we receive news that changes our lives, we lose loved ones, we change, grow and evolve.

While the changing, growing and evolving happens without us noticing (ah, hello! When was my cute and cuddly baby replaced with this moody teenager?!), other major events can cause us to pause and realise just how quickly life changes.

A new baby, an engagement, a wedding, an illness, a death. All prompts to remind us to capture the milestones in our life.

But what if you don’t make it to those milestones?

Don’t wait for a major life event to trigger a family photography Melbourne session. Bottle up your family memories while you have the time. Before it’s too late. Before life and your family have changed forever.

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