How the experience works

At Kapture Photography, we want to make sure we capture your family's personality and style as well as give you the absolute best experience.

At Kapture Photography we want to make sure that we capture your families personality and style and give you the best experience and wall art that you have always wanted. Everything that you need to know about your Portrait Experience is listed below.

We will be spending approximately 5 – 8 hours with each family. This includes everything from our initial phone calls to plan the shoot, the shoot itself, editing your images, the design/viewing appointment, retouching your images, production, all the way through to you collecting your one-of-a-kind family portrait.


Sessions are available from Monday to Saturday beginning at 9.30am. Wednesday’s are closed. Evenings are available on Tuesdays. Be advised, Saturday’s are very popular. Also be aware of working schedules and sleep/feed time for younger members of the family. Please check with your entire family to arrange a suitable time and then contact us to arrange your session. A $50 booking fee is required to secure your booking into our diary, and will be refunded or credited toward your order on the day of your design appointment. The booking fee is not refunded if you cancel your appointment. This covers the loss of the appointment session and/or design appointment and your photographer’s time.


This is where the fun really begins. We will personalise your session and create amazing images that capture your families personalities. We will devote a full hour and a half for your photography experience. Your photographer will help you plan the perfect shoot and guide you to get the best possible outcome for you and your family. We will go through all the items you have brought in that shows your families personality. Just before you leave we will take some time to show you the display options. All of our images come finished and ready to display. This is an opportunity to see, touch and hold the products and get a real sense of what will look best in your space. At this point we will book your design appointment. NOTE: Don’t be embarrassed if you pack a whole suitcase full of your items in the car. Some we will use, but some we won’t – the best part is you’ll have options!


This is where it all comes together. 2-8 days after your photography session you will return to view your images in our cinema room, allowing you to re-live the moments that are now captured forever. We will help you every step of the way to select your favourite images and turn them into timeless and original pieces of wall art, each tapered to suit your homes style and design. All of your artwork comes finished and ready for display, with a range of products to suit everyone’s style and budget. Wall art starts from $450. Our collections start at $990, which can be purchased for as little as $25 per week, with our Interest free payment plans. See Finished Products for further information.


We love creating amazing images for you and your family. The artwork looks amazing at our studio but it looks even better when it’s displayed in your own home! Make sure you take a photo of your artwork and send it to our email