On Trend: 6 AWESOME Nursery Decor Ideas

There are a number of different trends and nursery decor ideas that change over time, so the latest trends will vary depending on the current year and what is popular among parents and interior designers.  

However, I can tell you some common trends that are popular for nursery decoration and this flows through to the photography I take and how it will be incorporated into the home.

Gender-neutral color schemes

First of our nursery decor ideas, is instead of traditional pink or blue, many parents are opting for more gender-neutral colour palettes that are calming and versatile.

Some popular gender-neutral colour palettes include earthy tones such as beige, taupe, and grey, which are often seen in minimalist design. These colours are versatile and can be paired with various other colours to create a range of moods and styles. Another popular gender-neutral colour palette includes muted tones such as sage green, dusty rose, and mustard yellow. These colours are soft and calming, and they work well in creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Minimalistic & Modern Nursery Design Ideas

Clean lines, simple shapes, and monochromatic colour schemes are becoming more popular as parents look for ways to create a serene and timeless look in the nursery.

Color palette

Stick to a neutral colour palette that includes white, black, grey, and beige. These colours are versatile and timeless and will create a calming and serene environment.


Choose furniture with clean lines and simple shapes. A minimalist crib with a sleek and simple design will add to the overall aesthetic. Opt for a dresser with minimal embellishments and functional storage solutions.

Wall decor

Keep wall decor simple by using a few statement pieces such as a modern wall clock, a few framed prints, or a single statement wall decal. This will add visual interest without overwhelming the space.


Use soft, ambient lighting with warm tones. Avoid harsh overhead lighting and instead use table lamps or wall sconces that emit a soft, soothing glow.


Use different textures to add interest and depth to the room. Consider adding a plush rug, a woven basket, or a textured throw blanket to the space.


Use functional and minimalist storage solutions to keep the space clutter-free. Consider using floating shelves, baskets, or cubbies to store toys, books, and other baby essentials.


Add a few carefully chosen accessories such as a mobile or a modern plant to add personality and charm to the room. However, be mindful not to overdo it as minimalistic design is about creating a sense of calmness and serenity.

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

Next of our Nursery Decor Ideas is sustainability and eco-friendliness which is becoming more important to parents when designing their baby’s nursery. By incorporating sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and locally-sourced wood, you can create a stylish and environmentally responsible space for your little one.

Organic cotton is a great choice for bedding and textiles, as it’s grown without harmful chemicals, making it gentle on your baby’s skin and better for the planet. Look for items like crib sheets, blankets, and curtains made from this eco-friendly material.

Bamboo is another sustainable option to consider, thanks to its rapid growth and renewability. It can be used for various nursery items, such as furniture, flooring, and even baby clothes. Bamboo products are not only durable and stylish but also naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which is perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Locally-sourced wood is an excellent choice for nursery furniture, like cribs, dressers, and bookshelves. By choosing locally-sourced wood, you’re supporting local businesses and reducing the environmental impact of transportation. Plus, solid wood furniture is often sturdier and longer-lasting than particle board options.

By opting for sustainable and eco-friendly materials, you’re creating a healthier environment for your baby and setting a positive example for their future. So, when designing your nursery, consider incorporating these earth-friendly options to make a beautiful, responsible, and lasting space for your child.

Mix of vintage and modern

Incorporating vintage finds and heirloom pieces with modern elements are fantastic nursery decor ideas and a way to create a unique and personalised nursery decor. It’s all about mixing the charm of the past with contemporary styles to give your little one’s space character and warmth.

Vintage items, like antique furniture or old-fashioned toys, add a touch of nostalgia to the nursery. They also give you a chance to repurpose or upcycle, making something old feel new again. Think of using a vintage dresser as a changing table or a retro rocking chair for those late-night feedings.

Heirloom pieces, on the other hand, bring sentimental value and a sense of family history to the space. That hand-knit baby blanket from grandma or a cherished family photo can create a beautiful connection between generations.

To keep things fresh, don’t forget to add modern elements. Sleek cribs, modular storage units, and bold colours can strike a balance between old and new, making the nursery feel both cozy and current. Mixing patterns, textures, and materials adds visual interest and creates an engaging environment for your baby.

Personalisation is key to this design trend. Get creative with customising vintage or heirloom pieces to make them truly your own. Maybe give that antique mirror a fresh coat of paint, or update the hardware on a vintage armoire. Your nursery will be one-of-a-kind, reflecting your family’s personality and story.

So, when designing your baby’s nursery, consider blending vintage and heirloom pieces with modern touches. This approach not only creates a unique and personalised space but also celebrates the connection between the past, present, and future of your growing family.

Hand-painted murals or large-scale wall art

Adding a focal point to your nursery decor can really elevate the space and make it more engaging. Many parents are turning to murals or other types of art to achieve this effect, which can add visual interest and spark your baby’s imagination.

Murals are an excellent nursery decor ideas for creating a unique and eye-catching feature in the nursery. Whether you choose a whimsical forest scene, a calming seascape, or a vibrant geometric pattern, murals can transform an ordinary wall into something truly special. Plus, they can be tailored to suit your personal taste and the nursery’s theme.

If murals aren’t your style, consider other types of art for that focal point. Framed prints, canvas paintings, or even a gallery wall of family photos can achieve a similar effect. These art pieces can be easily changed as your child grows and their interests evolve, keeping the space fresh and engaging.

Incorporating art into your nursery decor not only adds visual interest, but it can also help stimulate your little one’s senses and encourage their curiosity. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and make your baby’s room a captivating and inspiring space with a striking focal point.

nursery decor

Smart technology

Smart technology is one of our more innovative nursery decor ideas, as it offers both convenience for parents and added safety for the baby. By integrating devices like smart lamps, sound machines, and baby monitors, you can create a nursery that’s not only stylish but also functional and secure.

Smart lamps can be a game-changer in the nursery, allowing you to control lighting with just a tap on your smartphone. You can easily adjust the brightness or colour temperature, creating a soothing atmosphere for bedtime or a stimulating environment for playtime.

Sound machines are another helpful addition, providing a range of calming sounds like white noise, nature sounds, or lullabies to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. Some smart sound machines can be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust volume or change sounds without entering the room and potentially disturbing your little one.

Smart baby monitors are a must-have for ensuring your baby’s safety while giving you peace of mind. These devices can provide real-time video and audio feeds, temperature and humidity sensors, and even motion or sound alerts. Some advanced models also feature two-way communication, so you can soothe your baby with your voice without having to physically enter the room.

By incorporating smart technology into your nursery decor, you’re creating a space that not only looks great but also makes life easier for you and your baby. Embrace these innovative devices to enhance convenience, safety, and overall nursery experience.

Nursery Decor Ideas

These are not the only trends in nursery decor, but are just some examples that are currently popular. Nursery decor trends change regularly, so what is considered trendy today may not be in a few months.

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