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Thankyou so much for stopping by Kapture Photography specialises in family photography and is South East of Melbourne’s premier ‘specialist’ newborn studio. We photography Maternity, newborns, the family any time that you want to capture really. With more than 10 years experience handling, settling and posing newborn babies, you can be confident your baby is in the safest hands and your photos will be divine.

These photographs will be in your family for generations, they will be shown again in 30 years time at your child’s wedding, then resurface when your child is expecting their own baby. When you hold these photographs in 35-40 years time, you will close your eyes and be able to recall everything about your child when they were newborns – their baby ‘smell’, the warmth of their bodies, their little fingers and toes. These photographs will not only serve as documentation – they will serve as food for your soul. Choose a professional newborn photographer that will provide you with stunning images that you can’t live without.