The Survivalist

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Argh! Parenting is the hardest job in the world!

Every day is a struggle.

Getting the kids to school on time, picking them up on time, cooking four different meals for fussy kids, leaving the house in clean clothes, wiping boogers and doing homework.

Nobody warned you how tough it would be.

But here you are, doing the toughest job and surviving the best you can.

Parenting isn’t about perfection.

The kids don’t care if they eat cereal for dinner. Their tummies are full.

They won’t care if you scream into a pillow and cry until you’re blowing snot bubbles.

They’ll see you’re a real person with real feelings and learn empathy.

All that matters is you show up for your kids each day and they know they’re loved.

And that’s what you do. No matter how tough it is.

Take your downtime however you can get it, and enjoy your vodka.

But maybe wait until midday for those mimosas.