Below you’ll find a description of each of the photographic sessions my studio offers. Of course, this is flexible, I love to create images with my clients input and consultation. A team effort to create something amazing for your family. If you have any questions at all, just ask.

Maternity Photo One
Maternity Photo Two
Maternity Photo Three
Maternity Photo Four


Elegant and natural maternity photography. If you are expecting a baby then you are probably feeling a huge range of emotions excitement, anticipation and above all the feeling of unconditional love for this new life that is growing within you. As an experienced maternity photographer my aim is to make you feel completely at ease and to enjoy every moment of your session. As I specialise in maternity photography I am familiar with the most flattering angles for your pregnant shape, ensuring that you receive photographs that you will truly love. Maternity sessions are a great way to remember this special and exciting time in your life. Between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy is an ideal time for your photo session. Combine your maternity images with your newborn images to create a beautiful, storytelling book.

Newborn Photo One
Newborn Photo Two
Newborn Photo Three


Wouldn’t you love to have these images to look back on in twenty years. To close your eyes and remember that sweet baby smell or how they snuggled into your arms and neck while sleeping. Newborn photography Melbourne is here to help that happen.
This is Photography that focuses on capturing your baby in a natural, simple and soft manner. Newborn sessions are best scheduled within the first three weeks of life (ideally between 6-12 days) when they remain sleepy and are easily curled into those beautiful, newborn poses. The perfect time to book your newborn session is whilst still pregnant. A tentative newborn session will be made based on your due date and can be changed if your baby arrives earlier or later than expected. Entrust your new baby to a professional, experienced newborn photographer.

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As an experienced and specialised baby photographer Melbourne. I have the understanding and patience required to pose and photograph your baby to create beautiful and happy images that you will truly adore. Baby photographs can be taken at any age up to 12 months but a great time is between 6-10 months. This is when we can capture lots of beautiful wide-eye shots, smiles and giggles. Between 8-10 months is one of my favourite ages – babies are usually sitting up by themselves and there are lots of lovely smiles, chubbiness and personality!

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Large family photography has to be the loudest, silliest, most energetic and crazy photography sessions to be enjoyed in our studio. We will, together, through out all the fun a frivolity, create the most unique photographs that your whole family will love, treasure and pass down for years to come. Bring your full family to Kapture photography’s Studio for a get-together that you will never forget.

Each and every family is unique, there are so many little things that make a family, a family. There are so many reasons to bring your family together, but most importantly, catch them before they all leave the nest, state, or the country. Or the best excuse yet, celebrate the addition of a son or daughter in law, or capture the love towards the youngest and newest family member.
Finally, at Kapture Photography we want to capture the real you, your real family, including the quirks, traditions and habits you have as a family and the way you interact with each other.

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