100 days Baby Photography in Melbourne

100 DAYS Baby Photography and why you should not miss this milestone

If you’ve watched a baby grow from infancy through childhood, then you’ll understand how interesting and amazing this whole growth process is.

  • At 100 days old they can be strong enough to lift their head and look around and smile at you.
  • They often fist their little hands together and place them over their chest
  • They have much more control over their arms so they aren’t throwing them around which makes it harder to get photos.
  • By 100 days they are consistently smiling so no more just wind smiles, they actually love you and are happy to see their favourite people in the world, their parents.

The 100 days baby photography is one that has become prevalent over the years. Although it may be a kind of challenge to have your baby photographed at this stage, you can still get the best shots when you delegate the task to a competent professional photographer who photographs the 100 days baby photography like Kapture Photography.

100 days baby photography

Want to know why taking your three month old baby photos (100 days baby photography) seems so special? We’ll discuss this and more in today’s blog.

These sessions take place during the first 3 months of age. The glorious age where your baby holds their head up on their own works on rolling over and begins to take more interest in what is going on around them. At this stage, babies love to play and interact, are smiling a lot, and are starting to express what they like and don’t like.

During this time, babies can also be a little wobbly and can become a little frustrated (as you’ve experienced no doubt) as they work to perfect their new skills, so expert handling and a special understanding of this age are required.

We make sure your baby is supported at all times and will often take shots from above during these sessions while baby is lying down or enjoying tummy time. *100 Days Baby photography is also known as a 100 Days Photo Session – A cultural celebration of baby’s first 100 days celebrated with a photo session.

3 Months of Age (100 days baby photography) is a Milestone for Your Baby

For us, as parents, each additional day and month our baby grows older counts but it seems there is this special feeling associated with clocking 3 months. This has made it the norm to consider 100 day old baby photography so as to preserve these memories.

Now at this time they can’t sit without support, but professionals are still able to capture stunning photos in a variety of setups. You’ll realise that once you are able to get them in the best position, they can consistently keep smiling with their heads raised comfortably while, setting the moment for beautiful photos so definitely consider 100 days baby photography.

100 days baby photography

100 Days Baby Photography Is Rooted In Tradition

According to Chinese traditions, the 100 days after a baby is born is very important and deserves merriment and celebration.

The event would often see friends and relatives sending baby gifts from clothing to jewelries. The celebration is done with the hope that the baby will live to see a 100 years.

This tradition is partly responsible for the importance of the celebration today and with inspiration from ancient Chinese culture, parents now choose to celebrate this milestone with a 100 day baby photography session.


Where Should You Display Your 100 days Baby photography Photos?

This is a question many parents would like to find the answer to.  Considering it is such a milestone, you can also choose to display this in creative ways either in your living room or even to add a touch of beauty to your baby’s room.

As the powerful reminders that they are, these photos would always evoke memories of those days later on in life. You’ll love it and your children would no doubt cherish it. Want to capture the beauty of those moments?

Feel free to consult us at Kapture Photography so we can discuss the best approach to getting the most gorgeous and stunning 100 days photo to preserve those happy memories forever Check out our socials for new sessions