Capture timeless memories of your precious newborn with a Newborn Photography Melbourne photo session.

Awww, who doesn’t love a newborn baby! 

The silky soft skin, the wispy hair, the finest newborn folds and wrinkles, that new baby smell… Absolute heaven! 

When you are in the presence of a newborn, time stops. Have you noticed?  Worries are forgotten and you are reminded of the wonder of life. Holding a newborn reminds us of all that is good in the world and the endless possibilities that are available to this brand new life.

You, as a brand new sleep-deprived parent, may not experience this right away, as you’re most likely just trying to get through each moment and wondering who you can bribe to make you a cuppa! But trust me, you’ll feel this at some point.

This is truly a time to celebrate. After all, the birth of your baby is the grand finale to your pregnancy journey and the start of a new chapter in your family’s story.  Take the time to celebrate the journey and how awesome you are to get to this point.

Because this special time will be gone in a flash and before you know it, your brand new delicate baby has entered the next stage of life and has become an active, bouncy bundle of joy eager to explore the world. 

And just as quickly as your baby grows, your memories of this time in your life will also start to fade. 

Unless of course, you capture the moments. 

Capture the newborn goodness to be recalled and remembered whenever you want with newborn photography in Melbourne.



newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne

Your Pregnancy Story is Not Complete Without Glorious Newborn Photography in Melbourne

Anyone who has had a newborn will agree that the newborn stage has the biggest learning curve as a new parent and looking back they often describe it as a complete blur.

I get it! With two cherubs of my own, I know first-hand how fast the time flies by.

And, once the newborn stage is gone, it’s gone. With nothing but our memories and teeny tiny clothes to remind us of this stage in our child’s life. But clothes are passed along and memories change and evolve over time. 

The one true way to remember this newborn stage is by capturing your child through timeless newborn photography. Images can capture moments in time and bring back memories of moments long gone.

Glorious newborn photography Melbourne that bottle up all the memories, all the moments and all the feels that you are experiencing during this time. 

Wouldn’t you love to be able to look back on images of your newborn and be transported back in time to that very moment? Sure, it’ll remind you of the not so fun elements of a newborn… like the night feeds, explosive poos and the days you didn’t even have time to shower.

But it’ll also remind you how your child looked when they were brand new. How sweet they smelled, how their adorable face scrunched up in a yawn or a sneeze, and how they nestled into your body, floppy and content after a big feed. 

Newborn photography Melbourne can take you back in time. It is that powerful! 

Newborn images are truly a gift that is everlasting. But you only have a short window to capture this opportunity before time passes and the newborn stage is over. 

Don’t miss your opportunity! 

Don’t let this precious first stage of your child’s life pass by undocumented. You’ll kick yourself down the track! 

Get in touch and let’s book a newborn photography Melbourne session so you can have your newborn memories captured forever in time. If not for you, at least for your child. 

newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne


Why Choose Kapture Photography For Your Newborn Memories

Hi there! I’m Karen Barber, professional portrait photographer here at Kapture Photography. Lovely to ‘virtually’ meet you. 

I started out in portrait photography over a decade ago, and in that time, I have narrowed my focus to families and have become a newborn photography specialist. I love nothing more than capturing milestone moments in stunning timeless portraits. 

I am an expert when it comes to handling, posing and capturing your precious newborn, With extensive training and considerable experience, you can be assured that your newborn will be safe and comfortable throughout our time together. 

I’d love for you and your family to join me for a photo shoot here in Rowville, Melbourne. Our comfortable and contemporary photography studio is easily accessible and designed to feel just like home while catering perfectly for expectant mothers, new and growing babies as well as busy families.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a well-earned rest as I take care of your gorgeous newborn. You’ll even have time to take a nap or browse through our product library of albums, prints and canvases to see first-hand what your finished products will look like. 

Here at Kapture Photography we look forward to getting to know you and your family and would be honoured to capture your precious moments in stunning and timeless photographs. 

newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne
newborn photography melbourne

What’s Involved with a Newborn Photography Session

Newborn photography sessions are designed perfectly to capture the true essence of your newborn baby. Our signature style is to capture your baby in a natural, elegant and organic way. 

Newborn photography sessions are best booked while you are still pregnant and timed to take place within the first three weeks of your child’s life. Between 6 and 12 days is the optimal time. This is when your gorgeous newborn starts to reveal their unique personality, yet are still sleepy enough to be curled and positioned into beautiful newborn poses. 

Not sure when your baby will arrive? Don’t stress. All our newborn sessions are tentatively booked based on your due date and are flexible should bubs decide to arrive earlier or later than planned. 

Once bubs has made their grand entrance, touch base and we’ll confirm your booking and run through all the details to prepare for your session. 

We treat all our customers like our besties and aim to give you the best experience possible from the first phone call right through to collecting your artwork. We want to make sure you, your family and your newborn are as comfortable as possible throughout the process so you not only walk away with stunning imagery, but a glorious sense of satisfaction having enjoyed the session and the time taken to celebrate your precious newborn. 


We Have Tailored Sessions to Meet Your Needs

Our newborn photography sessions are completely tailored and customisable to your needs. With that being said, our studio sessions generally include the following: 

  • 1 x pre-session phone consultation to go through your booking, what to expect, what to bring, and tips to make the time go smoothly
  • 1 x personalised photography session where you precious newborn will be gently and safely positioned and photographed in the most glorious way possible
  • Professional editing of your images so they are as perfect as they can be
  • 1 x private viewing in our cinema studio to view and select your favorite images and confirm your chosen products

We have an extensive array of products available to cater for every taste, lifestyle, and budget. From wall art to albums, you will be able to find the perfect product to proudly display your newborn images.    
For more product information, head over to our products page for an overview of products available.

Your Investment in a Newborn Photography Session

Newborn Session Fees: $130 Midweek

$200 Saturday

Our session fees cover the photographer’s time both in the studio and behind the scenes editing your images. 

Session fees are payable at the time of booking your session. We accept direct deposit or credit cards. 

Newborn Prints and Products: All prints and products are priced separately which will be discussed during your private viewing. Prices start from $390. As a general guide, most clients invest between $990 to $2990 for stunning products. 

Payment plans are available for large orders. 


What Price Would You Put On Memories?

Don’t let the precious newborn stage pass by without capturing the moment. 

Secure your newborn photo session spot today. 

Call (03) 9763 2795 or

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Service.

Once Again, Karen has outdone herself on a rainy day with a cranky 2 year old.. All without missing a beat. Huge thank you’s and recommendations!! Next Wednesday can’t come quick enough!!

Kelly Owen

Karen is amazing and so patient. AND she takes the most beautiful photos. She will not disappoint! Thank you so much. We love our photos and are complemented by them all the time

Ashlea Toh

Our experience has been wonderful, Karen is very accommodating and has such a knack with new borns. Our photos are beyond stunning.

Caz Sorotos

We have had the pleasure of getting to know Karen in two sessions. I genuinely don’t know how you were able to capture such incredible images with an energetic 3 year old and a wriggly baby but you did it so effortlessly.

Melanie Kennie

After More Information?

Have a specific question about our newborn photography sessions or looking for more information? 

You may find your answer over on our FAQ page.

Or contact us directly to talk through the details of our newborn photography service 

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