Cake Smash Photography Melbourne

Baby photography Melbourne
cakesmash photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne
cakesmash photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne
Baby cakesmash photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne
cake for first birthday

Capture your Beautiful Baby at Play with a Cake Smash Photography Melbourne Session.

Turning one is a big milestone! And big milestones call for big celebrations. And cake! We cannot forget cake!

A cake smash photography session is the perfect way to celebrate your little bubba turning one.

Picture it now… Your beautiful baby dressed in their best party attire. Looking fresh and adorable and ready to melt the hearts and activate the ovaries of anyone over 30.

Also, picture a cake. Not just any cake. A soft, spongy, perfectly decorated, insta-worthy, mouth-watering cake.

Combine the two and what do we have?

A wonderful, glorious, delightfully splendid mess, that’s what!

And while bubs are discovering that someone has left a cake unattended and well within reach of their curious little hands, we’ll be there to capture all the expressions and the wonder of new textures, tastes, and sensations as your bubba experience the joy of being let loose with a cake.

Seeing your baby squish cake through their chubby little fingers, decorate their face with cake and cream as they feast on the goodness, and basically get very very messy in the most adorable way!

Tell me, Is this not the best way to capture a birthday?

Bring your baby and your family into the Kapture Photography studio and let us give you the cake smash photography Melbourne experience of your baby’s life!

We can’t guarantee what will happen on the day… Maybe bubs will love the cake, maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll dive in headfirst and have us cleaning up a cake for days or maybe they’ve not realised just how good cake is and won’t want a bar of it.

But what we can guarantee is there will be lots of laughter, fun, and amazing images for you to take away and cherish forever.

Book in for a cake smash photography Melbourne experience today and let us take care of everything for you.

cake smash photography melbourne
Cake Smash Photography Melbourne
cakesmash photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne

Capture Their Little Personalities as they Eat, Play and Live Their Best Life

cakesmash photography Melbourne
cakesmash photography Melbourne

Just like the first smile, first tooth, first word, and the first step, turning one is a milestone that should be celebrated and captured. Not just for your bubba, but for yourself as well. After all, you’ve just completed your first year around the sun with your bouncy bundle of joy!

This definitely calls for cake! And gorgeous milestone photographs.

Now, as a parent myself, I know just how tiring the first year of your baby’s life can be. You may be still adjusting, and I totally get it. So, we’ve made it super easy for you. When you book in for a cake smash photography Melbourne experience, we take care of absolutely everything.

We organise the outfit, the decorations, the cake, and the clean-up. The whole kit and kaboodle!

All you need to do is come along and enjoy the experience.

Why Choose Kapture Photography To Capture All The Fun of a Cake Smash Photography Melbourne Session

Hi, I’m Karen Barber. Professional portrait photographer and owner here at Kapture Photography. My custom photography studio is based in Rowville, Victoria and I specialise in capturing stunning portraits of newborns, babies, expectant mums, and families.

With over a decade of training and experience, I have the expertise to not only capture amazing images but to expertly handle your precious newborns and babies.

I invite you and your family to join me in the Kapture Photography studio for your own cake smash photography Melbourne session. Our comfortable photo studio has been designed to cater perfectly to expectant mothers, newborns, bouncing babies, and busy families.

While you sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience, I’ll be capturing your gorgeous bubba in adorable images as they experience all the sensations a cake smash and bath fun session has to offer.

We’ll also have a product library of albums, prints, and canvases for you to browse through during our time together.

I look forward to meeting you and your family as we plan and organise your baby’s personalised cake smash photography melbourne session.

KAREN BARBER family newborn photographer

What’s Involved with a Cake Smash Photography Melbourne Session

cakesmash photography Melbourne
cakesmash photography Melbourne Baby
cake smash photography melbourne

A cake smash photography experience involves lots of fun, lots of giggles, and one heck of a mess!

Our cake smash sessions are guided completely by your gorgeous bubba. It’s all about letting your baby explore, experiment, experience and live their best life for an hour (within reason of course. Safety first in the Kapture studio).

But before the cake, there’s a conversation.

When you book a cake smash session, we’ll talk through what you had in mind and what you want to achieve with your session. We’ll go over colour schemes, outfits, cake style and a date for the special day.

If you’re not sure what theme or style you would like for the session, that’s completely okay. We can offer suggestions and advice about how we can make the sessions wonderfully unique for you and your baby.

Once a theme has been decided, we lock it all in with a deposit and take care of everything for you. We will provide the decorations, outfit, cake, and anything else unique to your session. If you want to bring your own cake and outfit, that’s perfectly fine too.

Not a fan of cake? Ask us about a Fruit Smash session instead.

Our style at Kapture photography is to capture images in a natural organic way. We won’t ever try to force a pose but rather capture your child’s experience, their personality, and their expression as it happens.

Whether your baby completely ignores the cake or dives right in face first, we assure you that we’ll be there to capture the experience and provide you with gorgeous images to commemorate the moment.

A Cake Smash photography Melbourne Session is Not Complete Without Some Bath Fun

Don’t worry! We’re not going to spend all the time capturing your sweet angel turning a cake into a gooey pile of crumbs and then hand them back and send you on your way.

Following the cake, smashing comes bubbles! Lots of bubbles, lots of giggles, and more opportunities to capture glorious birthday baby images.

While bubs are enjoying a scrub in the tub to clean off all the cake, I’ll be capturing candid bath time moments to compliment and complete your session.

All our cake smash and bath fun photography sessions are approximately one hour long. Sessions can be booked up to 6 months in advance allowing for time to order custom items if necessary. And the whole family is welcome to be involved in the fun.

More information about the Kapture Photography experience can be found here.

cakesmash photography Melbourne

We Have Tailored Cake Smash Photography Melbourne Sessions to Meet Your Needs

Baby photography Melbourne
cakesmash photography Melbourne

Our cake smash photography Melbourne sessions are completely customisable and can be tailored to your own personal tastes and requirements. As a guide, we generally include the following:

1 x pre-session phone consultation to go through your booking, what to expect, what to bring, and tips to make the time go smoothly
1 x personalised cake smash photography melbourne session where your bouncy bundle of joy has fun with a cake and is photographed in the most glorious way possible
Professional editing of your images so they are as perfect as they can be
1 x private viewing in our cinema studio to view and select your favourite images and confirm your chosen products.
We have an extensive range of products available to cater to every taste, lifestyle, and budget. From digital images right through to wall art and albums, you will be able to find the perfect product to proudly display your baby’s images.

For more product information, head over to our products page for an overview of products available.

Your Investment in a Cake Smash Photography Melbourne Session

Cakesmash Session Fees: $350

Our session fees cover the photographer’s time both in the studio and behind the scenes editing your images.

Also covers your cake, decorations and outfits to wear.

Session fees are payable at the time of booking your session. We accept direct deposit or credit cards.

Cake Smash Photography Melbourne Prints and Products: All prints and products are priced separately which will be discussed during your private viewing. Prints start from $490. As a general guide, most clients invest between $790 to $2990 for stunning products.

Payment plans are available

Cakesmash photography Melbourne baby
Baby cakesmash photography Melbourne

Capture your Baby at Play in Stunning Imagery

Capture the fresh, fun, cheeky, messy goodness of your baby in gloriously stunning, timeless images.

Book your Cake Smash photography Melbourne session today.

Call (03) 9763 2795 or

Lovely Words

family Photos
Once Again, Karen has outdone herself on a rainy day with a cranky 2 year old.. All without missing a beat. Huge thank you’s and recommendations!! Next Wednesday can’t come quick enough!!
Gallery Family Photo 2
Karen is amazing and so patient. AND she takes the most beautiful photos. She will not disappoint! Thank you so much. We love our photos and are complemented by them all the time
Testimonial Danielle
Our experience has been wonderful, Karen is very accommodating and has such a knack with new borns. Our photos are beyond stunning.
Testimonial Photo
We have had the pleasure of getting to know Karen in two sessions. I genuinely don’t know how you were able to capture such incredible images with an energetic 3 year old and a wriggly baby but you did it so effortlessly.


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