Fun Stuff to Do with Family: Games, Crafts, & Outdoors

Every mum knows the challenge. Keeping everyone entertained, engaged, and enriched often feels like a full-time job in itself. But here’s where stuff to do with family comes into play. It’s not just about filling time. It’s about creating those moments that turn into beautiful memories.

Sometimes it’s simple – a board game night where Scrabble reigns supreme or an impromptu picnic in the living room because rain canceled your park plans. Other times, it might be crafting a time capsule of this moment in life or experimenting with homemade lemonade recipes when summer heat waves hit hard.

The essence? Variety is key. Mixing outdoor adventures with cozy indoor activities ensures there’s something for every family member to look forward to.

A treasure hunt through the local park can spark as much joy as baking cookies together on a rainy day does. And while swimming at the beach scores high on fun, so does learning magic tricks at home.

Juggling the diverse tastes and ages within a family when planning activities is essentially about ensuring collective enjoyment. It might seem tough at first, especially when trying to cater to different age groups and preferences. However, the key is finding activities that offer something for everyone. This could mean planning outings that are flexible enough to adapt to various interests while still allowing for quality family bonding.

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Ultimate Family Fun Guide: Activities for Every Member

Finding activities that tick the box for every family member can sometimes feel like you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. But, worry not. Discovering the joy in both simple board games and grand outdoor adventures ensures a myriad of entertainment options for individuals ranging from the youngest kids to the eldest seniors.

Crafting the Perfect Family Game Night

Picture this: You’re all in your jammies, surrounded by snacks and laughing over a round of Scrabble—my personal favourite. Or maybe Bingo is more your style? If so, this bingo set has got everything you need. And let’s be honest, adding prizes like extra TV time or lollies just doubles the fun.

Exploring Local Parks and Outdoor Adventures

A day at the beach swimming amongst waves? Yes please. Not only do kids love splashing around but planning such trips lets you knock off several things on your “Family Things To Do” list—like building that championship-worthy sandcastle.

Creative Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Rain pouring outside? No problem. Grab some old magazines and get crafty with collage making. It’s all about envisioning future holidays or tasty foods to cook together as a family—a perfect blend of dreaming and doing.

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Planning a Memorable Family Picnic

  • Pack homemade goodies; think sandwiches wrapped in brown paper tied up with strings (these are indeed some of our favourite things).
  • Bottle up some homemade lemonade—it tastes better when shared under a shady tree after all.
  • Dust off that picnic blanket and find yourself basking in nature while sharing stories—or perhaps even starting an impromptu game session right there on the grass.

No matter which activity catches your fancy, remember it’s less about what you do and more about spending quality time together as a family. So go ahead, start ticking off those bucket lists because these moments turn into memories cherished forever by each family member. Ready to create beautiful memories with Kapture Photography during one of these outings?

Key Takeaway: 


From board games in jammies to beach days and crafting on rainy afternoons, the key is spending quality time together. Find your family’s favourite activity or mix it up; these moments become cherished memories.

Educational and Entertaining Science Experiments at Home

Who said science was just for the classroom? Definitely not us. Bringing the wonder of experiments into your living room can be a blast. Dive into the adventure of transforming ordinary objects around us into thrilling and enlightening moments for all.

Simple Science Experiments Using Household Items

Gather round, family. Let’s embark on an adventure with straightforward scientific explorations, using just everyday items from our homes to spark that sense of amazement. From baking soda volcanoes to creating slime – it’s all doable with stuff from your kitchen or bathroom. Here’s a list of our top picks to get started.

  • Mix vinegar and baking soda to see an explosive reaction (the classic volcano).
  • Create rainbow rain in a jar using shaving cream and food coloring.
  • Bend water with static electricity from a balloon rubbed on your hair.

Engaging in Fun Science Projects as a Family

Fancy making memories while learning when planning stuff to do with family? Pulling off these projects together is not just about the ‘wow’ factor; it teaches teamwork, patience, and sparks curiosity among kids and adults alike. Moreover, think about the pride and joy you’ll feel as you flaunt snapshots of your DIY lava lamp creation.

Kitchen Chemistry:

  1. Making homemade ice cream isn’t just tasty—it shows freezing point depression in action.
  2. Sour candies teach us about taste buds but also pH levels when mixed with water. Sour Patch Kids work great here.

Tech & Physics:

  • Create an indoor rainbow by shining light through different angles of glass filled with water—prism effect simplified.
  • Remember those magic tricks we mentioned earlier? Try them out too because they’re not only cool but involve basic principles like balance or optical illusions.

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Discover the Magic of Card Games and Board Games

Remember those cosy nights spent playing Monopoly or Scrabble with your family? Those were more than just games; they were moments that brought us all closer together. In today’s digital age, it’s easy to forget the simple joy card games and board games can bring to a fun family night.

Classic Card Games Every Family Should Know

We’ve all heard of “Go Fish” or “Snap,” but what about taking it up a notch? Classic card games like Pictionary Card Game, teach kids (and adults.) quick thinking and creativity. Then there’s Monopoly Deal, a fast-paced version of its big brother, perfect for teaching negotiation skills – without the long haul.

  • The Pictionary Card Game excels at igniting imaginative thought, serving as a catalyst for creative expression.
  • Monopoly Deal: Monopoly Deal swiftly schools you in the art of strategy and bargaining.

Top Board Games for Family Game Nights

A good old-fashioned game night is unbeatable when you want to get everyone off their screens. Here are two must-haves:

  1. Bingo: It’s not just for grandma anymore. This timeless game has found a path back into our affections, guaranteeing an abundance of mirth.
  2. Sidewalk Chalk Masterpieces: Not exactly a board game, but turning your driveway into an art gallery with sidewalk chalk gets everybody moving and creating – plus, it makes great memories.

The enchantment of these endeavours lies not in the triumph or defeat but in cherishing moments spent with loved ones. So next time rain checks on your outdoor plans or you find yourself wondering what stuff to do with family in the evening indoors—break out one of these classics. Whether through strategic conquests in Monopoly Deal or artistic showdowns on your pavement—it’s guaranteed fun every single round.

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Get Creative with Arts and Crafts Day

Diving into a project and transforming raw materials with your own two hands carries an unmatched magic. It doesn’t matter if you’re five or fifty-five; the joy of crafting knows no age limit. Let’s dive into some easy DIY art projects that’ll bring out the Picasso in everyone.

Easy DIY Art Projects for All Ages

Gone are the days when arts and crafts were just glue, scissors, and paper. Today, we’re exploring the boundless realms of imagination, venturing into artistic endeavours once deemed unimaginable. From homemade slime to intricate dreamcatchers, there’s a project out there for every family member to get stuck into.

  • Pavement Chalk Masterpieces: Grab some sidewalk chalk and let the driveway be your canvas. This is where fun meets imagination meets fresh air.
  • Crafty Recycling: Dive into upcycling by turning old jars or cans into chic plant holders or pencil organisers.
  • Finger Painting Fun: Sometimes getting messy is part of the fun. Lay down some newspaper sheets, dip those fingers in paint, and create abstract masterpieces on blank canvases (or even old t-shirts).

If you’re scratching your head wondering where to start, try one of these 50 easy crafts for kids. These are just the ticket to ignite that first spark of creativity.

Sidewalk Chalk Masterpieces

Looking for stuff to do with family outdoors? A great outdoor activity that gets everyone moving is drawing with pavement chalk. Not only does it let kids express themselves artistically outside of paper boundaries but also transforms your walkway into a vibrant gallery open to public admiration—or at least until the next rain washes it away.

  1. Pick bright colours: The more vivid shades you choose, the more eye-catching your artwork will be.
  2. Create interactive scenes: Think hopscotch grids or long winding roads—interactive designs add an extra layer of play.
  3. Incorporate nature: Use leaves as stencils or draw around shadows to mix natural elements with your creations.

No idea what to sketch? How about starting off with simple shapes before working up towards complex cityscapes? Or maybe leave personalised messages for neighbours walking by? Whatever path you choose; remember—the sky’s (or rather ground) is truly your limit.

Key Takeaway: 


Arts and crafts aren’t just kid stuff; they’re a brilliant way to unleash everyone’s creativity, from making slime to drawing on the pavement. Dive into these projects for loads of fun and a dash of fresh air.

Host Your Own Mini Olympics in the Backyard

Have you ever toyed with the idea of turning your backyard into a stage for Olympic-sized dreams? Perhaps not exactly, but you can certainly convert it into a thrilling arena of fun and laughter for everyone at home. Here’s how to bring that exciting outdoor activity vibe right to your doorstep.

Designing Your Backyard Obstacle Course

Children adore challenges, and let’s be honest, so do adults. Crafting an obstacle course sparks the competitive fire within us all, urging us to leap into action. Start simple with items you’ve got lying around: cones (or plant pots), ropes for tug-of-war, or even a makeshift crawl tunnel using old boxes. Channeling your inner inventor while ensuring everyone stays unharmed is crucial.

  • The Balance Beam: Lay out a plank of wood or thick rope on the ground to test balance skills.
  • Hoop Hurdles: Set up hoops or rings at varying heights they need to jump through.
  • Crawl Challenge: Use those cardboard boxes as tunnels kids have to navigate through on all fours.

A little bit of hard work setting up pays off big time in laughs and beautiful memories later.

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Water Balloon Dodgeball Championship

In the Aussie heat, there’s nothing quite like cooling down with some water games—and what better way than combining it with dodgeball? Enter Water Balloon Dodgeball; possibly one of the most fun family activities ever invented. All you need are filled water balloons (make sure they’re small enough not to hurt upon impact) and an open space divided into two equal halves. Make teams, set rules about boundaries and hits then watch as chaos ensues—in the best possible way.

  • Pick soft targets: Aim below shoulders only.
  • Create safe zones where players can catch their breath without getting pelted by water bombs.

You may also enjoy: 5 Family-Friendly Ideas for Getting Active Outdoors.

These ideas will surely engage every family member, from toddlers who think running is flying to grandparents who still show youngsters how it’s done. It’s all about having fun together while soaking up some sun—or splashing each other silly.

Key Takeaway: 


Transform your backyard into a mini Olympic venue with simple, creative obstacle courses and water balloon dodgeball. It’s all about igniting that competitive spirit safely, having a laugh, and making beautiful memories under the Aussie sun.

Sweet Treats and Kitchen Fun

Who said the kitchen’s just for cooking when looking or stuff to do with family? It’s a playground, especially when you’re baking cookies or churning out homemade ice cream with your crew. Exploring these endeavours can transform a mundane day into an extravaganza of joy.

Baking Cookies Together as a Family Activity

Imagine this: flour on noses, dough in hands, and laughter filling the air. Baking cookies isn’t just about the delicious treats; it’s about those moments that stick longer than cookie dough on fingers. From choosing what to bake—be it snickerdoodles or chocolate chip—to watching them rise in the oven, every step is a chance to bond.

  • Kids love getting creative with cookie shapes.
  • Tasting tests are mandatory (for quality control).
  • The one who does most work gets first dibs on licking the spoon.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these cute layout ideas. They might be meant for scrapbooks but imagine using them as cookie designs.

Homemade Ice Cream Making Session

No scream sounds sweeter than “Ice cream.” But have you tried making it at home? It’s easier than you think and ten times more fun. You don’t even need fancy equipment—a good old-fashioned freezer will do.

  1. Pick everyone’s favourite flavours—don’t shy away from wacky combos.
  2. Mix up your ingredients with lots of love (and maybe some elbow grease).
  3. Frozen patience pays off when you scoop out your very own creamy creation.

You could go classic vanilla or wild berry swirl—the sky’s limit. And if you’re eager to start but not sure where, here’s help.

Note: Both activities aren’t just great family bonding experiences; they also teach kids valuable lessons like following instructions and measuring correctly—not to mention patience waiting for those cookies to bake or that ice cream to freeze. So next time rain traps everyone indoors, remember: sweet treats await in your kitchen. Isn’t it surprising how something as delicious as baking together can also be a fun way to learn?

Key Takeaway: 


Turn your kitchen into a fun zone with baking and ice cream making. These activities not only create delicious treats but also teach valuable skills like patience and following instructions, all while bonding as a family.

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Explore Melbourne’s Best Kept Secrets

Ever thought about being a tourist in your own city when looking for stuff to do with family? Well, Melbourne is bursting at the seams with hidden gems perfect for family outings. Let’s uncover some of these spots together.

Hidden Gems for Family Outings in Melbourne

Melbourne has more to offer than just its bustling coffee scene and iconic laneways. Hidden away are places that even some locals haven’t discovered yet. It’s time to play explorer.

  • Fitzroy Gardens Fairy Tree: Nestled within the historic Fitzroy Gardens, this enchanting tree is carved with fairy figures and tales sure to captivate kids’ imaginations.
  • The Docklands Art Trail: Get arty as a family. This outdoor gallery showcases striking sculptures and installations. Ideal for capturing those Insta-worthy shots or igniting discussions on artistry.
  • Herring Island Sculpture Park: Accessible only by boat, this island turns an adventure into treasure hunting for artworks amidst nature.

Beyond these activities, consider taking advantage of Melbourne’s beautiful parks. They’re great outdoor activity hubs where families can enjoy nature, have picnics or simply unwind under the sky – making every moment spent there memorable ones full of laughter and joy.

Treating yourself as a tourist opens up a world right on your doorstep; it makes you appreciate what we often take for granted. So grab that camera (or phone), rally the troops (aka family members) and set off on an urban adventure because Melbourne waits no one but welcomes everyone with open arms.

The best part? These experiences won’t cost you much but will give back so much more in terms of beautiful memories and stronger family bonds. And let’s not forget – exploring locally supports our community too. So next weekend, when looking for stuff to do with family, why not ditch the usual routine and discover something new?

Key Takeaway: 


Rediscover Melbourne with your family by exploring its lesser-known treasures. From the Fitzroy Gardens Fairy Tree to the Docklands Art Trail, there’s plenty to see and do that doesn’t break the bank but definitely enriches your family bond and supports the community.

Capture Beautiful Memories with Kapture Photography

Remember flipping through old family albums and chuckling over those retro hairstyles or that holiday where you all wore matching outfits? Those moments, frozen in time, are priceless. Now, imagine creating more of these unforgettable memories with your loved ones right here in Melbourne. That’s exactly what we’re diving into today as we explore fun stuff to do with family.

Booking a Family Portrait Experience in Melbourne

Melbourne isn’t just a backdrop for your family portraits; it’s a character that adds depth to your beautiful memories. Whether it’s the lush gardens, historic laneways, or the stunning beachfronts, this city has something special for every family.

  • Pick Your Spot: Do you love nature? Maybe an afternoon at the Royal Botanic Gardens would suit you. More of an urban explorer? The graffiti-laden alleys provide a vibrant background.
  • Plan Your Outfits: Coordinate but don’t match too much. Think complementary colours and avoid busy patterns that could distract from your faces.
  • Schedule Wisely: Golden hour – that’s early morning or late afternoon – gives you soft lighting that makes everyone look their best.

To make these moments last forever, booking a professional photoshoot is key. And no worries if posing isn’t your thing. A good photographer will help guide you through poses and capture those candid shots where real emotions shine through—those genuine laughs and tender looks speak volumes more than any posed picture ever could.

We’ve all been there – wrangling kids who won’t sit still or trying to get everyone to smile at once can feel like herding cats. This is where professionals step in, with patience and expertise they turn chaos into art.

Every once in a while, it’s fun to take a walk down memory lane by looking at our old family photos. You’ll probably realise all the things that have changed throughout the years and be grateful for all of the memories you made (and captured.). Moreover, flipping through those snapshots might just reignite chuckles over past blunders and shared family jests, knitting everyone closer with each giggle. Capture these new times, so future “you” gets to enjoy them just as much.

Sometimes it’ll be ages since your whole family got dressed up and went out for one fancy dinner. Don’t wait any longer. If you want memories to last forever in physical form, then organising a shoot with Kapture Photography is simply brilliant. Get yourself those costumes kids adore so much. Go crazy, make believe, remember every detail. Because these snaps are going into an album or scrapbook that will be cherished for generations.

Key Takeaway: 


Create lasting memories in Melbourne with a family photoshoot. Pick your spot, plan outfits wisely, and capture genuine moments with professional help. It’s more than pictures; it’s about cherishing life’s fleeting moments.


So, we’ve trekked through the bustling world of stuff to do with family, uncovering gems from board game battles under soft living room glow to backyard Olympic showdowns that bring out our competitive spirits. We’ve wandered through realms filled with the scent of freshly baked cookies and the delightful chaos of science experiments that didn’t quite go as planned.

It’s far more than merely passing the hours; it embodies the craft of intertwining precious moments into our everyday existence. Each laugh shared over a card game, every gasp at a new discovery in the park, they’re stitches in a tapestry of memories that warm us for years to come.

We’ve debunked myths – showing that keeping everyone entertained doesn’t need an event planner’s precision or Hollywood’s budget. Simply having the eagerness and creativity is enough. Who knew making ice cream could rival blockbuster thrills? Or that becoming tourists in our own city would unveil mysteries right on our doorstep?

The essence here is simple yet profound: Discovering happiness in such instances weaves a tighter bond between us, unparalleled by anything else. And while crafting perfect days may seem like chasing rainbows, remember – it’s not about flawless execution but heartfelt attempts at filling life with laughter and learning together.

And there you have it – a kaleidoscope view into stuff to do with family; where variety reigns supreme and each day holds potential for new adventures indoors or under open skies. We’ve embarked on this exploration together because when families unite in pursuit of fun and curiosity… well, magic happens.

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