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As an experienced and specialised baby photographer in Melbourne. I have the understanding and patience required to pose and photograph your baby to create beautiful and happy images that you will truly adore. Baby photographs can be taken at any age up to 12 months.
One important thing to remember is: Babies change so fast! Faster than you can imagine. It’s so important to capture each and every milestone of them!

After the newborn stage there are three milestones that I love to capture: tummy time, sitting up and their first birthday.


Tummy Time / 100 days photography / 3 month old photos

This stage is for babies from three-months-old to five-months-old that are able to hold their head up, it’s also a perfect milestone if you missed the newborn photos. At this age, your baby definitely deserves great photographs, but also requires some special understanding and expertise, they are very wobbly and easily frustrated (but you already know that!). They love to play and are usually consistently smiling at this stage but we also tend to get a lot of serious-looking faces at these sessions, so don’t get disappointed, serious faces are beautiful and cute too! Poses are limited and most of the shots are taken from above with baby lying down or on their tummy.

Some cultures celebrate the 100 days of the baby so this session is also known as 100 days photo session.



For babies that are able to sit up unassisted and sometimes crawl, but don’t walk yet. This is when we can capture lots of beautiful wide-eye shots, smiles and giggles. Between 6-10 months is one of my favourite ages They smile easily, and make these adorable faces! not to mention the chubbiness and personality!

First Birthday / Cake Smash

Please visit our Cake Smash Info page to learn more about this session.


I offer a complete set of props and accessories but you are welcome to bring any outfit or accessories you like.  Baby sessions are one hour long and we do as many setups as we can during this time (usually 3-4). Parents and siblings are more than welcome to join the session too, and we will do the family portraits at the beginning of the session.


What to Expect

Before the session, we will chat about your goals for the session as well as define props and colours that you like. This step is done through email and an online questionnaire. We will find a day and time that works for both of us to schedule your baby photography session. I will send you a “Preparation Guide” with more information about the session, how to prepare, what to bring, what to wear, etc. Your booking is completed only after an online agreement is signed and a deposit is made, at least 48 hours prior to the session.

During the session relax and have fun! Make sure your baby is fed and get a good nap before the session. Baby sessions last 1 hour so babies are happy and engaged throughout the shoot. We will start with family shots followed by individual baby portrait shots. I won’t need much assistance during the session, and if possible go ahead and sit back on the couch while I play with your little one, so I can try to get some eye contact with the camera, otherwise, your baby will stare at you the whole time (haha!).

After the session

If you’d like to book a photo session, please don’t hesitate to message me using our contact page.

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